Bridge for Managers: View Learning Assigned to Your Team

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Bridge gives managers significantly more insight into the learning their team has either undertaken or been assigned, including when that learning is due and if anything is overdue for each learner. This guide will walk you through how to check for both an individual team member's learning as well as how to do a quick check for numbers and statistics for your team as a whole.

Checking an Individual

You can check the due dates for any person on your team.

Start by going into their 1on1 agenda - you'll see their sidebar pop up instead of yours:


In that sidebar, you'll see that team member's "Learning" link. Clicking on this will pull up the team member’s learning page, including both assigned/in progress as well as completed learning items, with due dates or completion dates attached.

  • Due dates in red mean the learner is overdue
  • Not all courses have a due date!
  • You can see all of the sessions - both online modules as well as live sessions. Each will have a "Completed Date" and a score (if the module had an assessment)


Checking on the Team

Managers can check on the learning of the team as a whole in the "Analytics" tab, which you can access from the sidebar. The Analytics tab has many options, but the most important are on the Overview tab:

You'll easily see the Learning Status circle chart, which tells you if you have learners who have completed learning, not started assigned modules, are overdue, or are in progress. The panels to the right show you the specific numbers of overdue learners as well as the total number of learners that Bridge has listed on your team.

You can click on the pieces of the circle chart directly for a list of learners in that category, as well as the specific module for that status. For instance, you can get a list of all learners who have not started on a module as well as which modules those are - this is downloadable as a .CSV file:

You can even set up alerts for any of the panels on the Overview tab by clicking the bell icon in the top-right corner of any panel:

This will allow you to choose what alerts you would like as well as how frequently you'd like to receive these emails so that you can always be up to date with any unfinished or overdue learners. 


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