Service Catalog

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For budget, accounts payable, procurement, and other financial related items.

The Office of Financial Aid assists students and families in navigating the financial aid application process, while helping them make well-informed decisions related to available financing options.

For benefits, time & leave administration, training, and employment.

Technology-based services for students, faculty, and staff. For immediate support, call 610-660-2920.

The Office of Student Accounts manages the cashiering, billing, collections, and student account services functions of the University. Students may pay bills, request refunds, obtain third party payment plan information, and seek clarification related to University charges from the Student Accounts Receivable Specialists at 610-660-2400.

The Registrar’s Office at Saint Joseph's University is dedicated to serving the university population efficiently and accurately. Data integrity, accurate record creation, record update, and dissemination of academic records and any information surrounding academic records is the primary role of the Saint Joseph's University Registrar’s Office.

Please Note: The revised P/NP procedure will not be available until April 1. If you have questions regarding P/NP, please contact your advisor.

Request new software/technologies or a change to software/technologies already in use on campus.