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Use this form to Request a Loaner computer for temporary SJU-related work.

If you are experiencing any service issues or have questions regarding Bridge Performance or Bridge Learning, please use this service request

If a new Banner Class needs to be created, or objects should be added or removed from an existing Class, please submit this service request.

IT obtains software licenses through educational and volume discounts by facilitating campus-wide agreements with University software vendors.

As a registered student organization at SJU, you have the opportunity to request space free of charge.

When a student employee resigns, graduates, or is otherwise separated from employment at the University, it is the responsibility of the employee's manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.

SJU provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to help protect students and employees and the data they have access to.

Request access to update a website or modify existing access to a website - Drupal ( or WordPress ( .

Need to make changes to an existing PCard? Our Procurement/Accounts Payable department can assist by filling out this request!

Use this form to request a detail code in Banner.

Use this service for questions or help with your benefits, including questions about anything from insurance, retirement, and tuition remission.

To request a short URL/Link on an SJU website

Request an update on your faculty and staff profile.

VPN access allows SJU employees to remotely connect to SJU services.