Computer repairs, software troubleshooting, and printer support

Categories (3)

Purchase Technology

Technology procurement requests including: computers, hardware, and software.

Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance is the testing, diagnosis, repair, and cleaning of computer equipment. It also involves updating software and applications on you computer to make sure your computer is running properly.

General Software

University-owned software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, iOS applications, Microsoft Office 365.

Services (5)

Loaner Computer

Use this form to Request a Loaner computer for temporary SJU-related work.

TSC Counter Request

TSC Walk-in counter form

Departmental Printers

Includes installation of a managed, network printer on an SJU issued computer and basic troubleshooting of printing issues.

HawkPrint Evaluation

Departments can request IT evaluate their eligibility for deployment of a new Hawkprint multifunction printer.