Help with installed A/V equipment in a Classroom or Meeting Space

What is it?

If you are experiencing a technology issue with any of the installed equipment or have a question about using any of the technology in an SJU classroom or meeting space.  If you would like to review the installed equipment prior to your event or class, please use the "Schedule a Walk Through" service and submit a ticket for the date and room. 

Who can use it?

This service is available to any Faculty, Staff, or student of the University.  Guests of the university experiencing problems should let their SJU sponsor know of any issues and report the issue to the TSC.

Where can I access this service?

IT supports and maintains 174 classrooms and meeting spaces throughout campus.  This service is available for all spaces.  Please hit the "Request Service" button to the right to report your issue and our Media Services team will be notified.

Request Service


Mon 8/17/15 10:34 AM
Mon 7/13/20 11:41 AM