Loaner Computer

What is it?

The SJU Technology Service Center (TSC) maintains a pool of loaner computers for faculty, staff, and students who are eligible according to the guidelines described below. The TSC will loan either a Lenovo or Apple laptop, depending on availability. Loaner laptops are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and offered to those individuals whose computer will be sent out for a repair that will take longer than 24 hours. The TSC does not offer loaner laptops for quick fixes such as software installation.


Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to bring their laptops to the TSC to be diagnosed. A Loaner Laptop, if available, will be offered based on the eligibility criteria below. 

Who can use it?

SJU Students

  • The student must be actively enrolled and have a valid SJU ID
  • The student’s computer must have been sent out for repair

SJU Employees

  • The employees must be in an active status and have a valid SJU ID
  • The employees’ computer must have been sent out for repair OR
  • The employee may borrow a laptop for certain international travel for University business or for an event lasting no longer than 14 calendar days

Where can I access this service?

To request a loaner computer, click the green "Request a Loaner" button to the right.  All requests must include a reason for the loaner, request, date when you would like the loaner, and length of time you will need the loaner computer.

Once you've submitted your request, a technician will review it and reach out to you with any follow-up questions. You will need to read the full Loaner Laptop Policy and sign before a loaner is distributed.




Request a Loaner


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