Pass/No Penalty Grade Option

Pass/No Penalty Course Grade Option Policy

In order to encourage students to challenge their interests and limitations in areas outside their chosen field of study, the University has a Pass/No Penalty grade option. A standard passing grade submitted by an instructor will be converted to a grade of P on the student’s transcript, and a failing grade will be converted to a grade of NP on the student’s transcript. Neither of these final grades are calculated into the student's grade point average (GPA), and credits will be awarded only if a passing grade is attained. A comprehensive description of grades is outlined in the Grades section of the catalog.

Students may select the P/NP grading option for a course if the following conditions are met:

  • The course selected is a free elective, not counting toward the student’s general education requirements, or prescribed major or minor program requirements.
  • Students are permitted to take 2 (two) such courses under this grading option during their undergraduate career at Saint Joseph’s University, and no more than 1 (one) such course in a given semester.
  • The student must be an undergraduate student, and the course must be on the undergraduate level.
  • The student must be in sophomore, junior, or senior class standing at Saint Joseph’s University.

The deadline to declare a course to be graded using the P/NP Grade Option is the last day to withdraw for that course.

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