Student Records & Registration

The Registrar’s Office at Saint Joseph's University is dedicated to serving the university population efficiently and accurately. Data integrity, accurate record creation, record update, and dissemination of academic records and any information surrounding academic records is the primary role of the Saint Joseph's University Registrar’s Office.

Please Note: The revised P/NP procedure will not be available until April 1. If you have questions regarding P/NP, please contact your advisor.

Categories (11)

Course and Room Scheduling

Requests for changes to Academic Room Assignments, Changes to course sections for example cancelling a class, adding a class to the schedule or any issues with DCU

Student Record Updates

Any Change to a students record such Address, Name, Major, Minor, Attribute, Placement, Grades or Waiver, etc.

Transcripts and Verification

Requests for Enrollment and Degree Verification


General Questions regarding course registration.


New Courses, Programs, Majors, Minors or anything that deals with Degreeworks