Order a Replacement Diploma/Certificate

This is for both Saint Joseph's University and University of the Sciences graduates. All duplicate diplomas will be in Latin and have Saint Joseph's University as the institution listed. We are no longer able to offer the University of the Sciences diploma.

All replacements are sent with the current college, president, dean structure., 

In addition, we do not offer an English version of the Saint Joseph's University diploma.

All non degree bearing certificates (Graduate Certificate, Certificate of Proficiency, Certificate of completion) are in English

Saint Joseph's University prints all diplomas in the Jesuit tradition of Latin. A general English translation will be provided with your order. Please see this link for additional information on this tradition.

When ordering a replacement diploma/certificate, please note:

  • There is a fee of $50 for a duplicate diploma/certificate payable by credit card. 
  • Diploma orders are placed once per month by the Office of the Registrar and once ordered, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for printing and shipping of the diploma. You will receive an email when your diploma has shipped.
  • Diploma orders will not be processed if you have a financial hold on your student account.

Click the "Order Replacement Diploma" button on the right-hand side to order a duplicate diploma. 

Order Replacement Diploma


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