Why is my Diploma in Latin?

All Saint Joseph’s University diplomas are presented in Latin. University life is steeped in tradition. Latin diplomas connect higher education to the Italian Renaissance when education was based on the study of Latin and Greek. This classical learning informed the founding of most American colleges in the 18th and 19th-centuries and that is the reason that Latin diplomas are still awarded at so many universities today.

The literary works of classical scholars were not only expected to produce eloquence in students but also to inculcate an ideal of service to the common good. The contemporary Jesuit mantra that encourages students to grow to be "Men and Women for Others" derives from this tradition and informs the mission of Saint Joseph's University to this day. So as we look to the future, traditions remind us of our common heritage and foundational principles.

Below is an English translation of the text:

The Administrators of Saint Joseph's University and the Society of Jesus in Philadelphia

For the Greater Glory of God

To all who view these present letters, greetings in the Lord

By these letters we, given charge of this function by the highest authority of the State, testify that this, our beloved (son or daughter), duly approved, has been advanced to the (Baccalaureate or Master or Doctor) of (Arts, Science, Business Administration or Education) and that (he or she) has been presented by us with all the rights and privileges attached to that degree. And that all might know, we have given these present letters, secured by our corporate seal and by the signature of the President of this university, in our academic building in Philadelphia,

(Day) of (Month) in the (year) of the Lord

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