VPN Access (Virtual Private Network)

What is it?

SJU’s VPN service allows any approved SJU employee to connect to the campus network remotely from any available network connection almost anywhere in the world, including from home, from many hotels, and even from within some company networks.

When granted access to VPN, SJU employees will be able to remotely access the following (as long as they have permissions to access these tools):

  • Banner INB
  • BDMS
  • Cognos (Academic Dashboard)
  • Website updates from off campus
  • Time and Attendance (for select group of users)
  • Remote Desktop purposes

Additional access beyond what is listed above will need to be specifically requested.

***The request for VPN access must be submitted by the user's respective Dean, Associate Dean (for academic depts) or the user's Director (university staff).  You CANNOT request VPN access for yourself.

Who can use it?

All SJU faculty and staff, pending approval.  Contractors by request.

Where can I access this service?

If you are using Banner, Cognos, or Infosilem, please visit webvpn.sju.edu to access those services.  Full information about WebVPN can be found in our knowledge base.

If you require VPN access, please click the "Request Service" button to the right.  For installation instructions, please view our related articles on the right hand side of this page.


Request VPN Access

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Before downloading this software, you must request a VPN account.


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