Submitting Time for Summer Friday Schedule

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Departments can choose to move to a modified summer schedule from Monday May 27, 2022 and end on August 12, 2022 (with the exception of the weeks of Memorial Day, Juneteenth, & July 4th). Information about summer 2023 will be available in the spring.

The Summer Schedule includes a four-day work week for participating departments, Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off. For offices that choose to implement the summer schedule, the normative full-time schedule would be 8:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, with a 30-minute lunch period. Participating employees would then be off on Fridays and only on Fridays. Offices that must remain staffed may elect to create a summer Friday schedule rotation within their departments, with reduced staffing.

The University remains open on Fridays.

For more information or questions about submitting time, pay periods, or the SJU work week & time off policies, please review the "Related Articles" on the right and the Staff & Administrative Employee Handbook.

Non-exempt, Non-union Employees & Monday Holidays

For non-exempt, non-union employees who submit timesheets in Workday, you should use the same process to submit your time as always. As stated above, make sure to log the correct schedule with a 30-minute lunch to be paid for the full 35-hour workweek. No hours need to be submitted for Fridays, and no time off needs to be logged.

Holiday pay in Workday is auto-entered once you enter time or time off for both the day before and the day after the holiday. Per SJU policy, as outlined in the Staff & Administrative Employee Handbook, non-exempt employees must work or be on approved time off on both the day before and the day after a holiday in order to receive holiday pay.

All summer holidays have been set to ONLY look at the day after (Tuesday) for this time calculation, therefore all non-exempt employees will receive holiday pay for Monday holidays, provided they work (or submit an approved time off request) for the Tuesday immediately after the holiday.


If you have any issues with Workday, please submit a ticket here. For other questions regarding the summer schedule, please reach out to


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