Updating a Project's Status in TeamDynamix

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Project managers are required to update a project's status on a biweekly basis.

Log into TeamDynamix's "TDNext" portal.

Click on the red menu button on the top left of your screen and select the "Projects" application.

Under the Projects app, click on the project you would like to update.

  • Manage->Project Details->click Update green button
    • Confirm the project status is correct or update it with a new status
    • Update the project's health
    • Enter Percent Complete
    • Insert Comments
      • Milestones-indicate which deliverables are complete
      • Project issues-list any project issues
        • Issue name: this should be very descriptive and brief
        • Priority or severity of the issue
        • Who has it: the name of the person who currently owns driving this issue forward
        • ETA: provide a date for when the issue will be resolved
        • Workaround
      • Next steps
    • Notification->enter team members to receive status notification (optional)
    • Notify Other People->enter people outside the project to receive status notification (optional)
    • Click Save (green button at top)


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