Updating a Project's Status in Team Dynamix

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Project managers are required to update a project's status on a biweekly basis.

Under the Projects/Workspace app, click on the project

  • Manage->Project Details->click Update green button
    • Confirm the project status is correct or update it with a new status
    • Update the project's health
    • Enter Percent Complete
    • Insert Comments
      • Milestones-indicate which deliverables are complete
      • Project issues-list any project issues
        • Issue name: this should be very descriptive and brief
        • Priority or severity of the issue
        • Who has it: the name of the person who currently owns driving this issue forward
        • ETA: provide a date for when the issue will be resolved
        • Workaround
      • Next steps
    • Notification->enter team members to receive status notification (optional)
    • Notify Other People->enter people outside the project to receive status notification (optional)
    • Click Save (green button at top)



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