How do I sign up for Direct Deposit for my Tuition Account Refund?

To Sign up for Direct Deposit for Tuition Account Refunds

Log in to The Nest

  • Go to the Tuition & Aid page
    • Under Payment Options and Information select: Sign up for Direct Deposit for Tuition Account Refunds
    • If you have Direct Deposit for Payroll purposes (i.e., work study direct deposit), you will need to follow the above directions to enroll in Direct Deposit for Tuition Account Refunds.

If your bank is not listed on the drop down menu, please send a voided check to the Office of Student Accounts via:

  • Mail (Saint Joseph's University, 5600 City Avenue, Office of Student Accounts, Barbelin 122, Philadelphia, PA 19131),
  • Please make sure to write VOID on your check and include your full name and student ID #. 

The time it takes to receive a tuition account refund via mail can take as long as 10 days. We highly encourage you to enroll in direct deposit, as it will significantly reduce the time.  If you have direct deposit, you will receive an email notification once your refund is processed.  Tuition credit balances resulting from an overpayment of a personal check will require a 10 day wait-period before the tuition account refund process begins.

When will I receive my refund?

At this time, Direct Deposit is NOT available for Parent PLUS Refunds.

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