How do I assign access to users (parents, guardians, etc.) to view or make a payment towards my e-bill?

To assign access to users of your ebill account (parents, guardians, etc.):

New Hawks

Log into the New Hawks Portal:

CLICK "Assign access to Ebill" button and follow the instructions on the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Portal to complete the process.

Current Students

Log into The Nest:

SELECT Tuition & Aid page/Payment Options and Information/Assign Parents shared access to tuition account e-bills.


In addition, after creating your Student Account Center at, students can grant access to Parents / Authorized Users by selecting the "Manage Account Access" button within the Student Account Center and clicking the "Add" button. Parent/Authorized User Registration Instructions: Upon completing registration from their Student Account Center Invitation e-mail, Parents and Authorized Users may log in using the "E-mail address/username" and "Password" login section.


*** Please note:  If you have more than one student at Saint Joseph's University you may have each student assign you access with a unique Log-in ID and Password.  You may have the same email address and profile information.  You will need to logout of the first student's account and log back in with the ID and password assigned by the second student.


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