Cost of Attendance Policy/Budget Increase

Student Cost of Attendance Policy

(Updated March 2014)

Saint Joseph’s University establishes reasonable student cost of attendance budgets using survey data and statistical data. Data is evaluated annually to attempt to set as realistic a budget as possible.

Tuition, fees, and on campus room and board are established annually by the Board of Trustees typically at the February meeting.

Off campus room is established using the same rate as on campus.  

Board for off campus students is set at the same rate used for on campus residents which is the cost of our meal plan.

For books and supplies we surveyed the book store on the average cost of renting, buying, new and old and e books.

Loan fees are derived by calculating the average amount borrowed by undergraduates and using the fee associated with that average amount.

Personal Expenses are from the College Board Living expense budgets.

The transportation line in the budget is for students living on campus which was increased by the consumer prince index of 2.7% .  Admissions Market footprint indicates the average number of students live within 100 miles from campus. The calculation is 8 trips @ 100 miles (x)  IRS rate of .57/mile.

Should a student need an increase to their cost of attendance please submit request in writing to the Financial Aid office along with supporting documentation.

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