How can I appeal my Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) determination?

SAP Guidelines for Financial Aid Renewal

SAP guidelines for financial aid renewal vary depending upon the type of financial aid:

  • SJU Grants & Scholarships:  Full-time undergraduates must complete at least 24 credit hours per academic year.  Additionally, students must maintain the minimum, cumulative GPA requirement to stay in general, University good academic standing (note: There are a few select merit scholarships that require a different GPA. That requirement will be noted in the student's scholarship offer letter). The cumulative GPA is the calculation of all grades received while an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph’s University.  Should a student’s cumulative GPA fall below the stipulated requirement, the following adjustments are made to SJU merit scholarships awarded:
  • 20% reduction for the next academic year

Should a student continue to fall below at the end of the next academic year:

  • an additional 5% totaling 25% reduction for the next academic year, but never going lower than 75% of original amount.

Should a student obtain the required year-end cumulative GPA, the original scholarship will be reinstated for the next full academic year (i.e.-beginning with fall semester).   

  • PA State Grants: Successful completion of 24 credits for every two semesters of full-time PA State Grant aid received (12 credits/year for part-time students).
  • Title IV/Federal Financial Aid (Pell Grants, Federal Direct Student Loans, SEOG Grants, Federal Work Study and Federal Direct PLUS Loans).


Federal Financial Aid/Title IV Aid Recipients
The Federal Government requires every school that administers federal financial aid (i.e.-Federal Direct Student Loans, Federal Direct PLUS/GradPLUS Loans, Federal Work Study, Federal Pell Grants and SEOG Grants) have policies for measuring students’ satisfactory academic progress (SAP). This directive ensures that schools are actively monitoring the use of taxpayer funds and ensuring those funds are being used to advance students in the actual attainment of a degree. Saint Joseph’s University has the authority to set its own standards; however, the standards must include both qualitative and quantitative measures. SJU also has the authority to evaluate and grant a reprieve, on a case-by-case basis, to students who are not meeting the standards.
To view the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, and to complete a SAP Appeal to receive federal financial aid (called an "Academic Recovery Plan"):

  • Undergraduate Students should visit
  • Graduate students should visit



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