If I receive additional outside scholarship funding, can I add it on top of my merit scholarship/other St. Joseph's University aid?

We make every effort to have any outside scholarships simply added to your merit scholarship amount/existing Saint Joseph's University aid, as long as the total amount of your financial aid combined from all sources (grants, scholarships, loans and work study) does not exceed the University's annual "cost of attendance".  By federal regulations, a student cannot be over-awarded beyond this number.  Additionally, since Saint Joseph's University grants and scholarships can only be used toward tuition costs, if you receive an outside scholarship (or tuition benefit) that must also be used toward tuition costs only, all of the awards combined (SJU and outside resource) cannot exceed the amount of tuition (not counting fees, room and board).  In most cases, outside scholarships can either be added to the existing financial aid package or, reduce loans or federal work study.  

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