Merit Scholarship Reduction Policy

Merit Scholarship Reduction Policy

Scholarship reduction policy

  • SJU Scholarships:  Full-time undergraduates must complete at least 24 credit hours per academic year in order to have their merit scholarship renewed from year to year, and must maintain full-time undergraduate enrollment (12 or more credits) each semester.  Merit scholarships are limited to eight semesters.  Additionally, students must stay in general good academic standing by achieving the minimum required GPA (see below) to have their University merit scholarship renewed each year.  The cumulative GPA is the calculation of all grades received while an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph’s University.  Should a student’s cumulative GPA fall below the requirement, the following adjustments are made to SJU merit scholarships awarded:
  • 20% reduction for the next academic year

Should a student continue to fall below at the end of the next academic year:

  • an additional 5% totaling 25% reduction for the next academic year, but never going lower than 75% of original amount.

Should a student obtain the required year-end cumulative GPA, the original scholarship will be reinstated for the next full academic year (i.e.-beginning with fall semester).   

Semester completed Minimum GPA
At the end of the 1st semester 1.8
At the end of the 2nd semester 1.8
At the end of the 3rd semester 1.8
At the end of the 4th semester 1.8
At the end of the 5th semester 1.9
At the end of the 6th semester 1.9
At the end of the 7th semester 2.0

Please note that these GPA requirements apply to renewal of the Presidential Scholarship, University Scholarship, SJU Opportunity Award and Adult Learner Merit Scholarship.  There are a few, select merit scholarships that have separate GPA requirements, as outlined in the scholarship offer letter.




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