What is the application process for the Tuition Exchange and FACHEX programs offered at Saint Joseph's University?

For the complete details of the Tuition Exchange Program or FACHEX Programs offered at Saint Joseph's University please visit the SJU HR website


Please Note:  All Tuition Exchange and FACHEX Scholarship Applications must be received no later then November 1 prior to the year the dependent plans to enroll.  A good rule of thumb: the earlier one applies ... the better.

Saint Joseph's University participates in two exchange programs called Tuition Exchange and FACHEX.  Both Tuition Exchange and FACHEX are programs designed to offer competitive scholarships to participating colleges and universities for children of eligible full-time faculty, administrators and staff.

Tuition Exchange is a partnership of approximately 600 colleges and universities offering competitive tuition exchange scholarships.  FACHEX is the Jesuit Exchange Program offering competitive exchange scholarships to 27 Jesuit institutions.

First-Time Tuition Exchange/FACHEX Application Process:

1. Complete TE/FACHEX Initial Form-Tuition Benefit form via The Nest, located under:  Employee tab, HR Forms, via Employee Records Account (click … in upper left corner, then , using SJU login credentials).

•For application to be complete, employee must attach top portion of page 1 of most recent 1040 Federal Tax Return, displaying eligible dependent.

•Human Resources reviews applications to determine eligibility for Family Tuition Benefits and automated workflow routes the application to Financial Aid Office if employee’s dependent is eligible.

2. Complete the Tuition Exchange/FACHEX EZApplication at www.tuitionexchange.org (click on Families, Online Application).   List up to 10 schools student is applying to initially.  Need to add more? Go back and submit again.  *If selecting a FACHEX school, it automatically generate a TE Application for that school as well if the school participates in the TE program.  

•Financial Aid Office then certifies dependent as being eligible for TE/FACHEX consideration at institutions listed on EZApplication via TE website. (assuming HR approved eligible dependent in step #1)

3.  If your dependent is offered TE or FACHEX at a college and deposits to attend that institution, you must then go to The Nest, Employee tab, HR Forms, via Employee Records Account (click … in upper left corner, then , using SJU login credentials). Complete the Tuition Benefit for Family-Exchange and FACHEX form.  This is the form to confirm the school the dependent of the SJU employee will be attending.

Steps #1 and #2 above should be completed by November 1.  For more information about the exchange programs and application procedures, click on Tuition Exchange.

Annual Renewal Tuition Exchange/FACHEX Application Process:

If your dependent was offered and accepted a TE or FACHEX Scholarship, each subsequent year, by January 30th, you must:

•Go into The Nest, located under:  Employee tab, HR Forms, via Employee Records Account (click … in upper left corner, then, using SJU login credentials). Employee Records Account, and complete Tuition Benefit for Family-Exchange & FACHEX form. (do not complete the form that has the word "Initial" in the title).

•Renewal applicants do not complete an EZ-application at tuitionexchange.org again.

All renewals must be completed by January 30th for upcoming academic year.

If you have any questions concerning eligibility, please contact:
Human Resources 


If you have any questions concerning the application process, please contact finaid@sju.edu. 

Click here for a listing of the Tuition Exchange participating schools.

Click here for a listing of the FACHEX participating schools.

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