How do I order transcripts?

Ordering an Official Transcript

Please Note: As of June 1, 2022 Saint Joseph's University and University of the Sciences will merge, after this date all students who attended University of the Sciences will also be required to use the National Student Clearinghouse to order a transcript. All University of the Sciences students should use their SSN instead of student ID when ordering. If no match is found, please submit anyway and we will locate the record. 

All Students (current or alums) can order an official copy of their transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse. At this time the University is only offering electronic copies of transcripts.

1. Go to National Student Clearinghouse and enter Saint Joseph's University (please spell out the word Saint).  If you are a Pennsylvania College of Health Science Student (current or alum), please enter Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

2. Then, enter your personal information so that your record can be matched. You will need your social security number or SJU student ID number, date of birth, and approximate enrollment years.

3. Once you advance to the next screen, continue entering your personal information 

4. Enter the delivery details for your transcript 

5. Enter your processing details and delivery method 

6. Provide delivery information based on where you are sending your transcript (to another University in the Clearinghouse Network or a direct email)


7. Sign your consent and enter your payment information.


As long as a record is matched and no other information is attached to be sent with the transcript, the electronic transcript will be sent in about 30 minutes

Please note: you will not be able to submit an order if you have a financial hold. You will have to clear the hold with Student Accounts before submitting the order. 

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