Identifying if a Course is On-line or On-campus

Identifying if a Course is On-line or On-campus

When viewing the class schedule, a course section that meets online can be identified in that typically the class section will begin with an "O", for example, the section PSY 122 OL1 is online because the section is OL1.


You can also see on the class schedule that there is no day and time associated with the section. If you see a section begin with an "O" and there is a day and time associated with the section, then click on the CRN (the 5-digit number that precedes the subject). This will provide you with additional information about the section. Typically an online section with a day and time associated means there is a synchronous learning component - a day and time when students need to log on to participate in the online section.

You can search for an online section in The Nest by clicking on Student in the top right corner, then clicking on the Course Search link under the Registration Resources section.

Select a term and click on Submit.

Click on Advanced Search.

Select "On-Line" under the Schedule Type field and pull-down list, then click on Section Search to elicit a list of online sections for the term.



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