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This guide will illustrate how to create a report within a specific Team Dynamix application, and subsequently add that report to your application’s desktop.  It is important to point out that each individual application may have its own, unique desktop.  For the purposes of this guide, we will look at creating a report within the “Tickets” application.  This report will return all “Blackboard Building Blocks” requests.


  1.  Navigate to the specific application in which you would like to create a report and select the “New” menu.  In this case, we will open the “Tickets” application.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/1.jpg


  1.  Select “Report” from the menu.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/2.jpg


  1.  Select the type of data that you will be reporting on.  In this case, “Ticket Report”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/3.jpg


  1.  Enter the title of the Report.  A description is not required, but may be helpful in understanding the reported data.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/4.jpg

  1.  Select the items that you would like to appear in the report.  For the purposes of this guide, the below items were selected.  You may have as many or as few data items as you’d like.  The order (from top to bottom) will be the order in which they populate on the report.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/5.jpg

  1.  Select the filters that will narrow the returned data.  Since this report is on Bb Building Blocks, I have chosen to filter on the ticket “Type”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/6.jpg


  1.  Further refine the filter by selecting the value.  Click the magnifying glass to bring up a list of potential “Types”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/6.5.jpg


  1.  You can either scroll through the entire list, or search for the specific Type you are looking for.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/7.jpg


  1.  Once you have the value you would like to filter on, click the check box and select “Insert Checked”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/9.jpg

  1.  Next, you will add sorting to your report.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/10.jpg

  1.  Set the visibility of the report. In most cases, the default selection “Just Me” is most appropriate.  This will keep the report private and will not publish to anyone else’s application.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/11.jpg


  1.  If you would like to add a chart or graph to your report, configure those options here.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/12.jpg


  1.  If you would like this report delivered in an e-mail, select “Add”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/13.jpg


  1.  Fill out this section with the specific recipients and delivery schedule.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/14.jpg


  1.  Once you have completed all the appropriate sections, select “Save and Run” at the top of the screen.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/15.jpg



  1.  Review the data within the report.  If there are changes to be made, close the report and edit the appropriate sections.  If all data is correct, you are ready to add the report to your “Tickets” desktop.  Select “Edit Tickets Desktop” at the top of the page.



/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/16.jpg



  1.  Select which layout works best for your desktop.  If you only plan on displaying one report, select the 1 / 100% option.  Drag the appropriate reports from the left hand menu and drop them in the columns.  Once all reports on in a column, select “Save”.


/Users/Bill/Desktop/Making a report : desktop/Done/17.jpg

            Now that you have saved your desktop, any time you open the “Tickets” application (or whichever application you were configuring), the desktop reports will automatically run.








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