To Create a New Course in Canvas


Need a sandbox? Create a new course without students to play with or try out tools, settings, and content.


To Create a New Course in Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas ( with your SJU username and password.

  2. Navigate to the Canvas Dashboard

  3. In the sidebar to the right of the Canvas Dashboard, click Start a New Course.

  4. Complete the “Start a New Course” form:

    1. Course Name: We recommend using your course ID. 

    2. Content License: Use the default Private (Copyrighted) selection.

    3. Do NOT check the option to “Make course publicly visible”

  5. When you have completed the “Start a New Course” form, click Create Course.

  6. You will see a confirmation screen with a link to the course. Click the link to go directly to your new course.

Please note: This manually create course will not act as the delivered live section of your course.  There will not be student enrollments added to this course.  This is a course sandbox for you to build anew, import existing course files and modify course content.  Once the new term has been created in Canvas with the student enrollments, you will then need to Import your manually created course to the live section.  To import one Canvas course to another:

  1. From the Course Navigation menu, click Settings
  2. Click Import Course Contents
  3. Under Content Type select the correct format
  4. Select All Content
  5. Select Import
  6. You will be prompted to the status of the import



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