What IT support do Emeritus Faculty receive?


Emeritus Faculty Technology Support

Based on availability and the recommendations of the Department Head and College/School Dean/Director, and with the concurrence of the Provost, emeritus faculty who are still teaching will be provided with a university-owned computer that will receive the same level of support as all SJU employees. This may not be the device you have been using but will be based on availability.  This device must be returned as soon as the teaching engagement has completed.

Services available:

  • Emeritus/a can opt-out of:
    • Publishing your faculty profile on your home department webpage
    • The Directory listing
  • Emeritus/a will have access to:
    • Network account
    • Access to library (swipe and remote access), including all borrowing privileges and databases
    • Access to rec centers and other campus buildings (swipe access)
    • Parking permit
    • Email services
    • Allow for all electronic communications to be received, including invitations to convocation and processions
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Emeritus faculty are required to take all annual mandatory trainings and adhere to policies.

Emeritus faculty should contact the Technology Service Center directly at 610-660-2920 for assistance with supported services.  Emeritus faculty will receive limited technology support based on the availability of resources.

The Office of Information Technology can only support SJU-owned equipment and SJU-provided services.  OIT cannot provide support for personally owned computers, home network connections, personal websites, 3rd party software and peripherals, etc.  Most software licensing contracts do not cover emeritus faculty.  As a result, SJU-purchased software must be uninstalled when a faculty member become emeritus.  

Planning for retirement or emeritus status

All SJU-provided computers and technology equipment must be returned to the university prior to your retirement.  Your data will be securely erased from the computers before they are reassigned.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610.660.2920.




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