How do I upload a file for Banner job submission?

As of Fall 2020, the process for manually running Banner jobs that require file uploads has changed. Rather than placing a file on a network share drive, users are now asked to use the delivered Banner utility for importing files to the job submission server (GJAJFLU) by following these steps:

  1. In Banner, navigate to the job you would like to run.
  2. Click on the ‘Related’ button in the upper right corner and select ‘Upload file [GJAJFLU]’
  3. The key block will populate with the job name and your username. Click ‘Go’.
  4. Click ‘Insert’ to create a new file record.
  5. Click on the folder icon next to ‘Select File’ and locate the file. Filename must be 30 characters or less.
  6. In the ‘Save as File Name’ box, rename the file as needed.
  7. Click the box labeled ‘Save in Product Data Home Directory’.
  8. Update the default ‘Delete After Days’ value as needed or leave as ‘999’.
  9. Copy the file path for use in your job submission parameters.
  10. Save.
  11. Close the form and proceed with your job submission, pasting the copied file path in the appropriate parameter.


Article ID: 118017
Fri 10/9/20 6:11 AM