Game Consoles and issues with the wired LAN (Ethernet) connection

Troubleshooting issues with wired connectivity specific to game consoles

SJU provides a wired Ethernet port for each resident. If you choose to connect a game console using the wired option instead of wireless, you may find that your connection does not recover after being disconnected.

Game consoles handle wired connectivity differently than computers, printers and other networked devices. It may be necessary to perform some additional steps to restore connectivity after it has been lost. The following steps should apply equally to Playstation, xBox and Nintendo Switch consoles. If you’re having issues with the wired network, please try the following:

  • Ensure your console is plugged into the appropriate jack. Our data jacks are labeled with a D and a number, and are color coded blue or black. If you’re plugged into a tan or white jack with a V, this is a voice jack, intended for use with a landline phone.

  • Make sure your network settings are correct. Regardless of the model of gaming console, you need to use the following settings:

    • Obtain an IP address automatically (aka dynamically, or using DHCP)

    • Obtain DNS information automatically

    • Use the system’s default settings for anything else it prompts you for, such as MTU size

  • Power your console off and on again. Sometimes this is necessary in order to re-establish a connection.

  • If all else fails, unplug the power cord from the console. Unplugging the cord from the wall outlet may not help, so make sure to remove the cord or AC adapter directly from the console itself. Wait 5 minutes before plugging back in.

If you need to contact the manufacturer’s tech support, they may tell you that your issue is caused by NAT (network address translation). This is not the case.



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