SJU Username Naming Convention

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Effective for all student accounts created after March 1, 2022, student usernames will be created using their first initial, last initial, and full 8-digit Student ID.


Faculty & Staff

Effective for all faculty and staff accounts created after March 1, 2022, faculty and staff will have a username generated that will contain the first initial of their first name and their full last name up to 20 characters.

Name: Luke Skywalker
Username: lskywalker
Associated e​​​​mail addresses:,

Should an existing account already match the generated username, a 1 (or the next number available) will be appended to the username. If in the example above, the username lskywalker already existed, the account would look as follows:

Username: lskywalker1
Associated email addresses:,

Usernames created before March 2022

**There will be no retroactive changes made to usernames that were created before March 1, 2022. The usernames will remain the same.**

SJU Usernames created prior to March 2022 were generated using the following conventions:

Students - first initial, last initial, and the last 6 digits of the Student ID. (In the above example, ab345678.

Faculty and Staff - first initial and the 7 first characters of the last name. (In the above example: lskywalk would have been the generated username)

  • If an existing account already matched the generated username, the username became the first initial of the first name, 5 digits of the last name, and 01 (or the appropriate number increment based on the number of matches)

All SJU usernames that were generated prior to March 2022, will remain in the format they were created in. The Office of Information Technology cannot retroactively update usernames to match the current convention.



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