Windows Updates: Let's Keep your Windows Computer up-to-date and Secure

It is perfectly ok to apply Microsoft's monthly security updates to your Windows computer.  Whether the computer you use is shared, like a classroom podium computer, or whether it is assigned specifically to you does not matter.  It is perfectly ok to apply Microsoft's security updates.  Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on Start button.
  2. Type "updates" or "check for updates".
  3. Even if your PC says  "You're up to date",   Click  "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update".
  4. Allow the updates to install.
  5. You may continue your work as updates are installing.
  6. Once the updates indicate "pending restart" then it is time to restart your computer.

Check online from Microsoft update

Note:  Our automated mechanisms (WUfB and SCCM) work well but still require machines to be restarted on a consistent basis.  With this in mind, it is perfectly ok to help the update process along.


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