The Nest Idle Timeout


The Nest constantly asks me to sign in even after I have selected the option to remain logged in.

Why is this happening?

The Nest’s timeout for inactivity is now set at 20 minutes which means that your Nest session will automatically end if you’re not actively using the Nest for 20 minutes.  We understand that automatically terminating your Nest session in this way requires you to log back in and this can be frustrating.  However, this change is necessary to address an external audit requirement to enhance the security of individual University applications.  The original audit request was to timeout an application after 10 minutes of inactivity which is not practical for our community. 

This settings has been enabled for everyone and every computer (personal, lab, etc).

Timeout Chart


Timeout after Idle Time

The Nest

20 min


40 min


For more information, please see the article here which explains additional security measures that are implemented on University computers. 

If you have any questions, please call 610-660-2920

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