2023 Performance Evaluation Process Overview for Managers


The 2023 Performance Evaluation process will open on May 18, 2023. You will receive an email from Bridge with a one-click link to begin the review for each employee on your team. 

  • This process is for administrative staff only (non-union), and does not include employees within their 90-day probation period. The 90-day performance reviews will continue to take place in Employee Records system (TalentEd - please click the light blue link on the login page).

Full Timeline:

  • May 18 - Performance Conversations open in Bridge
  • June 16 - Self- and manager reviews should be completed in Bridge
  • June 30 - Performance conversations should be finalized, and "Complete Agenda" must be clicked in Bridge


Managers and employees can reflect and build out the agendas for their performance conversations simultaneously, so feel free to begin taking notes in Bridge at any time. These notes and answered questions will build your performance conversation agenda - the final step of the review.

Once both the employee and manager complete these reviews, Bridge will auto-build an agenda for your performance conversation. Once both the manager and team member complete their performance reviews, Bridge will send you an email notifying you that both parties have prepared the agenda, and you are ready to have the performance meeting. After your conversation, you will click "Complete Agenda", which will lock and record that the performance review is fully completed.

Performance conversation agendas should be completed in Bridge no later than Friday, June 30, 2023, therefore we encourage you to complete your notes no later than Friday, June 16th in order to schedule and hold the full conversation.


Steps in Bridge

  1. Self-review & manager review: These can be completed simultaneously - both can continue to be edited until.the performance conversation is completed in Bridge. The employee's comments are viewable to the manager right away, but the manager's comments will not be viewable to the employee until the full performance conversation agenda is built. Please complete these reviews by Friday 6/16 so that you have time to complete the conversations with each team member by the 6/30 deadline.
  2. Performance conversation: Bridge will use your comments, goals, and achievements, to build an agenda for the performance conversation. This reflective, growth-oriented conversation is the crux of any performance review process.
  3. Manager clicks "Complete Agenda": Once the conversation is held, the manager will click "Complete Agenda" and the performance review will be saved. It can no longer be edited at this time, however you will be able to save and export this to PDF. These agendas, and therefore the full performance review, must be completed no later than Friday, June 30th.

Completing the Performance Review - Tips & Reminders

  1. You will receive an email from Bridge when performance reviews become available. On your page, you will see a full list of your team, with links to begin the performance reviews for each person. This is a streamlined process in Bridge which allows managers and employees to complete these reviews simultaneously, so feel free to start putting in any notes or reflections as soon as you can.
    • You can see whether each team member has started or completed their self-review. DO NOT open the performance conversation agenda until both their self-review and your review are fully completed, as this will lock the reviews.
    • Screenshot of manager view of self- and manager reviews for team members with the team member's self-review marked as "In Progress"
  2. In addition to all of the other sections outlined in the Performance Review Process Overview, you may want to assign learning to your team member during this review process. This can be either online modules or live training sessions. Click "Add Learning" to go to the Learning Library, then click on any topics you think the employee should do over the next year. These can be either remediation or policy review for some team members or growth opportunities you want to suggest for high performers - there are many options, with many more that will be added throughout the year!
  3. You will receive another email once both you and the employee have completed the reviews, alerting you that it's time to have the performance conversation. Use the agenda and notes you both put in to guide your conversation. Remember to celebrate not just the achievements and the work that got done this year, but the person and characteristics that allowed all of that to happen!
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DO NOT open the performance conversation agenda until both reviews have been completed. Bridge will lock both agendas once you "Start" the conversation, so if your team member hasn't finished their self-review, they will be marked as "Missed".
    • Screenshot of missed performance evaluation - self-review hover text says "The Self Review was not submitted before the Performance Conversation Agenda was started."
  4. Once you have the conversation, click "Complete Agenda" at the top of the performance review. This will save and lock the reviews (no more notes can be added). Once completed, you and/or the employee will be able to view the evaluation and notes in Bridge or you can export the review agenda to PDF.
    • Screenshot of the performance conversation agenda with "Complete Conversation" circled in the top-right corner


Questions & Issues

If you have trouble with Bridge, please submit a ticket here. For questions regarding this process or available resources, please reach out to Rachel Callahan, Assistant Director, Learning and Change Management, at rcallaha@sju.edu.


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