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Workday offers a very easy process for clocking in and out of a shift. You can clock in or out either on the web, by logging in through The Nest, or on the Workday app on your mobile device.

  • All student employees will be clocking in and out in Workday (including both student workers and federal work-study students)
  • Workday clocks you in at the closest 15-minute mark. This means that if you're a few minutes early or late to a shift, it will round to the start of the shift, but if you arrive more than 5 minutes or so early or late, you may be clocking in at a different time.
    • For example, clocking in at 8:57 or 9:04 for a 9:00am shift will still round to 9:00am, however clocking in at 8:50am would round to 8:45am, and a 9:08 clock-in would round to 9:15am.
  • It is critical that if you have multiple positions that you clock in for the correct position. You will see this option on the clock-in screen ( you can see a screenshot below of the clock-in screen with a drop-down option for "position")


Submitting & Correcting Time

All employees who clock in and out must submit time at the end of each pay period, which supervisors will review and approve. Any corrections that must be made, including an unmatched check-in or check-out, can be adjusted by either the supervisor or timekeeper. 


Clocking In & Out on the Web

  1. From your app menu on the home page, navigate to "Time" or "Time Tracking"
    • Workday screenshot - app menu with time app circled
  2. On the bottom window, click "Check In"
    • Screenshot of Workday - main page of the time app with "Time Clock" and Check in and check out circled
  3. The Check-in screen will pop up. Make sure to check your time type (full time or part-time) and position for accuracy (for those with multiple positions). These can be adjusted if needed by clicking on the box and choosing the appropriate option. Once you're certain the information is correct, click "OK"
    • Check in pop up window with time type and position circled
  4. To clock out, follow the same instructions and choose "Check Out". You will be able to review your information and the timestamp. You must click "OK" to be fully clocked out
    • Check out pop-up window

Using the Mobile App to Clock In & Out

Once you download and log into the Workday Mobile App, you will be able to easily clock in and out using this app (see "Related Articles" for more information about Workday Mobile). The Workday clock in/out feature has geo-fencing built into it, so you will only be able to clock in for a shift on your mobile device if you are inside your building. If you are in a different location or working remotely, you must use the web application to clock in and out.

  1. After logging into Workday, you may have a window that tells you if you're clocked in or out with a one-click option to "Check In" or "Check Out". Click on "Check In" to be taken to the check-in pop-up window (skip to step 4)
    • Screenshot of the Workday Mobile home page
  2. If you do not have this option, you can click on the "Time" or "Time Tracking" app (shown above), which will take you to you time entry page, where you can choose "Check In/Out"
    • Mobile Time Tracking app screenshot
  3. This will take you to your status page where you can click "Check In"
    • Mobile check in/out status page
  4. Once you see the Check-in pop-up window, make sure your time type and position are correct (for those with multiple positions or types) and click "Next"
    • Mobile check-in pop-up window
  5. To clock out, return to the Workday mobile home screen and follow the same instructions to "Check Out".


If you have any questions or issues with this process, please submit a ticket here.


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