Hiring Student Workers & Federal Work-Study Students in Workday


Workday offers a very easy process for Student Hiring. You can complete this process after logging into Workday through The Nest or on the Workday app on your mobile device.

Student hiring will no longer be completed via the EPAF system. Students will be hired directly in
the Workday system.

Types of Student Employment

  • Student Employee: ANY Student Worker or Federal Work Study student (not including Graduate Student-level positions, GA, TA, Research Assistant, etc.)
  • Federal Work Study: Student Employee receiving Federal Work Study funding.
  • Student Worker: Student Employee NOT receiving Federal Work Study funding (this includes students being paid via grant funding - see Step 9 in the Workday proccess and the attached document for further instructions about grant funding)
  • Graduate Assistant (GA)/Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant is a registered graduate student who will be receiving payment by your department AND receiving a tuition benefit from the department. See below “Hiring A Graduate Student” section for more information. Note: These workers are hired via People Admin, not Workday


Hiring Student Employees

First, Post your position(s) on Handshake, the Career Development Center's job posting website to collect resumes of student applicants.

Interview and extend the offer to your preferred candidate. It is important to let your student know that their ability to start working is contingent upon completion and submission of all required onboarding including the Form I-9 (which will require proper identification documents that must be brought in person to the Office of Human Resources).

ALL student employees, except for those noted in the first section, MUST be hired in Workday. After you finish the hire process in Workday, please allow at LEAST 5 business days before requesting a status update to account for the approval process.


Federal Work-Study Reminders:

  • If you are hiring for a NEW Federal Work-Study position, you must complete a Position Description and a Supervisor Acknowledgement form, which will be emailed to you. If you have questions, please reach out to the Financial Aid office.
  • Offices who have previously hired Federal Work-Study Students can refer to your previous position description for the approved rate of pay or contact the Financial Aid office for this information
  • Be mindful of the budget when scheduling & permitting hours (maximum of 20 hours/week, 35/week during the summer only). If the Federal Work-Study funds are surpassed, your department will need to pay out of the department budget to have the student continue to work. As a supervisor, you are responsible for monitoring your student's hours and earnings.


Watch out for alerts!

When submitting items in Workday, you may get an error (in red), or an alert (in yellow), as pictured below. Red errors MUST be corrected before you can submit the task. Yellow alerts indicate a warning that something may be wrong, however you are able to continue with or re-submit the task and move on despite these alerts. In both cases, click on the error/alert banner to view more details before continuing with the process.

Screenshot of red error and yellow alert with cursor hovering over them

If you have questions or encounter issues in this process, submit a ticket.

Hiring Student Employees: Workday Process

  1. In the Workday search bar, search for "Hire Student" and click on the report to open it and begin the process.
    • Workday tip: If you hire many students and/or continue to hire throughout the year, consider saving this task/report to your "Favorites" app or shortcut menu!
    • Screenshot of hire student search and report
  2. A pop-up will appear. Enter the student's name or ID number and your "Supervisory Organization"
    • Your Supervisory Organization (SupOrg) must have "JM" in the title, which indicates that this is specifically for student employees. The name of the SupOrg will also contain the name of the person who will be supervising the student.
    • If no student SupOrg is listed for the proper supervisor, please submit a ticket to have one created.
    • Screenshot of hire student pop-up with SupOrg JM - Student (Imani Motley) listed
  3. If the student has another position, you will see that information on the next screen (shown below). Students should not work over 20 hours per week across all positions except during the summer. Select "Add Job" to continue with the hire.
    • Screenshot of All Jobs with Add Job circled
  4. Now you can enter the full Job Details. The hire date should be a Monday at least two weeks in advance to ensure enough time for all required review/approval in the Workday system prior to the scheduled start date.
    • If the student has ever had a student position at SJU before, make the "Reason: Re-hire". If this is their first student position, select the Reason as "New Hire"
    • Enter scheduled hours (not to exceed 20 hours per week unless this is a summer-only position)
    • Students are always part-time and hourly
    • Employee Type will always be "Student"
    • Ensure the "Job Profile" is correct - either "Student Worker" or "Work Study". You can use the "X" to delete what is currently there and then search for the correct term if needed.
    • Ensure the location is correct for where the student will be primarily working. Remember that students must clock in and out, and this functionality is geo-fenced on the mobile app, so students can only clock in on the mobile app within 100ft of this location. For students who work throughout campus or remotely, either choose the office location or the appropriate general location ("Hawk Hill Philadelphia Side/Lower Merion Side" or "University City Main") and remind the students to use the web to clock in and out instead of the mobile app.
    • Work-Study example: 
  5. If the student has multiple jobs, you will be able to enter "Scheduled Weekly Hours":
    • Job details with scheduled weekly hours circled
  6. Next, ALL manager must add "Additional Information" by clicking the drop-down arrow next to this header.
    • Change the "Job Title" to "Student Worker - [Dept Name]"
      • All job titles for students should be uniform according to the above template
      • No job title should contain "Work-Study" or "FWS". This indicates a student's financial aid status to colleagues throughout the University and is inappropriate.
    • If available and not previously noted, change "Scheduled Weekly Hours" in this section as well to the appropriate number (no more than 20) - managers who already entered this information can disregard this entry. DO NOT change "Default Hours" - this must remain at 35.
    • Change the "Additional Job Classifications" to the Banner E-Class "ST - Student Employee" or "WS - Work Study Student"
    • DO NOT enter ANY other items, such as "Benefits Service" or "Continuous Service" dates. These will pre-populate as needed. If the student has multiple jobs, still disregard these fields.
    • Student Worker: 
    • Work-Study Student: 
  7. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen to continue to the next section. You will be directed to a new window to open - the process is not yet completed. 
    • Submit button at the bottom of the page
  8. Next, you will see another pop-up, prompting you to open an complete the "Propose Compensation Hire" task. Enter the hourly rate here and click the check mark to save your information.
    • Effective August 22, 2022, the Student Employee pay range is $8.50 - $12.50 per hour. 
    • Student compensation window
  9. You will see a pop-up at the top of your screen confirming your submission and showing you the next step - "Change Organization Assignments". Click "Open" to continue.
    • Workday tip: Items that come to you in these pop-ups are also available in your inbox should you need to return to them at a later time. If you exit the process or lose track of this window, just navigate to your inbox to find this task!
    • Pop-up with "open" circled
  10. Enter your Cost Center information by typing it in starting with "CC" or using the search function. Once you have identified the correct cost center, click the check mark to save the information. No other information on this screen is required. Click "Submit".
  11. Next, you will be taken to a screen called "Assign Costing Allocation for Hire Employee" - please read the directions at the top of this page for clarity.
    • If you are hiring via a grant, gift, or program, you must attach the 033 form on this screen - please see the "Related Articles" for more information and screenshots on how to attach this form.
    • If you are NOT hiring via the above budget lines, you must "cancel" this task.
    • Workday will ask you to confirm the cancellation by clicking "Discard" - this will send the process to your inbox for further review.
    • Screenshot of the Assign Costing Allocations task with "Cancel" circled
  12. Go to inbox for the assign costing allocation and click the gear icon - select "Skip This Task":
    • Screenshot of assign costing allocation inbox task with gear icon menu circled
    • This will send a confirmation to your inbox - click "OK":
      • Screenshot of skip this task confirmation window
  13. You have now submitted the hire successfully!
    • Hires are routed first routed to the Cost Center Manager for approval and will then be sent through the rest of the approval process.
    • Human Resources reviews submitted hires for Student Workers and Financial Aid reviews all Federal Work-Study Student hires.
    • You will receive an email and a Workday notification once the hire is approved.
    • Success window showing next step of approval


If you have questions or encounter issues in this process, submit a ticket.

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