Student Onboarding & Hiring Practices

Student Onboarding

New Hires – Students that have never held a position at SJU
Onboarding paperwork is now completely electronic and will be completed in the Workday
system. Students will be sent onboarding tasks via the Workday system inbox.
Note: Section 2 of the I-9 must still be completed in person at the HR office after all other
onboarding tasks are completed by the student in Workday

Rehires - Students that have worked for SJU before
No onboarding is required. Students may begin working after the hire is processed in Workday.


I-9 Requirement

Please note: All employees, including Student Employees, MUST comply with Federal Law by
completing both Section 1 & 2 of the I-9. No exceptions! By law, this must be completed within 3
days of employment. Failure to comply may result in the Student’s position being suspended
until compliance is met. If the Student refuses to present qualifying I-9 document(s) the
employment will be terminated. Visit the USCIS website to view acceptable I-9 documents at

Tips for Student I-9 Completion
Give the Student a heads up! Often Students do not keep I-9 documents in their possession.
They may need time to arrange pick up/drop off of their documents or to wait for them to be
mailed to them to meet this requirement.

Ensure the student has the proper original, unexpired document(s) to present to the HR office
before submitting the hire in Workday
Submit Student hires at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date to allow more time for the
student to be able to complete onboarding in a timely manner, including the I-9.

International Students 

Some international students may require additional work authorization and the need to obtain a social security number. This should not discourage you from hiring international students but you may need to plan for additional time to allow the student to obtain these items before they begin working.  The Office of International Students & Scholars can assist, if international students have additional questions regarding their work eligibility or how to obtain a social security number. 


Inclusion and Diversity

Student employment is the start of a pipeline and provides opportunities to students which lead to career opportunities. It is important for departments to hire a diverse group of students as a commitment to our mission. The Office of Inclusion & Diversity as well as the Office of Student Success are great resources to use in answering questions about student diversity. 


Background Clearances 

Once the student hire is complete you will receive a message in your Workday inbox prompting you to confirm if the student will be interacting with minors. Follow the instructions on that page. Note: the University does NOT pay for Student Background clearances. They should only complete those if they will be interacting with minors.

Beginning Work

  • Schedule an introduction/training with the student
  • Confirm a work schedule for the semester (no more than 20 hours/week, unless Summer session in which they can work 35 hours/week)
  • Review proper use of equipment, technology access, needs, and applicable safety procedures
  • Review how to submit their hours worked, and place a recurring reminder on the students' calendar for effective Payroll processing
  • Keep track of approving their worked hours every other week by noon on Mondays. You will need to place a recurring reminder on your calendar

Approving Time for Students

Students will need to check in/out (clock in/out) via the Workday portal on the web or via the mobile app in real time. Note Students can only clock in within 100ft of their assigned location via the mobile app. If they will need to work out of range, they must check in via the web browser, not the mobile app.

Supervisors must approve their time each pay period. If the student fails to clock in/out, the supervisor must enter the time on the student's behalf. 
If you are not receiving time entries for a student, you are not the listed supervisor. Submit a ticket to resolve this issue. 

You will receive inbox items in Workday when students submit time for approval. You will be able to view the dates/times worked by the student to approve or send back for correction. 

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