Reviewing Your Team's Onboarding Tasks in Workday

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During the hire process, you can review where the candidate is in the process in the "My Team Management" app. Once the hire process is completed, you can still track your team member's onboarding tasks and process through the "Onboarding Status Summary" report. This will help you keep track of who has finished their tasks in Workday, such as the I-9 form, uploading their background checks, and other critical items.


  1. Search for "onboarding" to locate the "Onboarding Status Summary" report:
  2. Choose as many appropriate supervisory organizations as desired and click “OK”.
    • You can click through the drop-down to “My Organizations” or search your name to see all of your organizations pop up:
    • You can click the "Include Subordinate Organizations" to show any supervisory organizations that report to you in addition to just your direct reports:
  3. This report shows ALL of your current employees and the status of their onboarding, including:
    • Hire date
    • Position number and title
    • Specific supervisory organization
    • Onboarding progress (as a % of completion)
    • List of tasks in progress and completed
    • Tasks that have been in progress for more than one day
  4. You can filter these results in Workday by clicking on a column title to view filter options:
  5. Additionally, you can export these results to Excel and manage/review the data in a spreadsheet:
    • ​​​​​​​

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