How to Hire Graduate Student Workers

Hiring A Graduate Assistant

A Graduate Assistant is a registered SJU graduate student who will be receiving payment by your department AND receiving a tuition benefit from the department. If the student is not receiving tuition benefit and/or is not a registered graduate student, the student should be hired as a Student Worker (see related articles on the right).

Please note, students cannot hold any other employment at SJU while they are working as a GA.

  1. Submit a GA request to hire through PeopleAdmin.
    • This is only a request and is not a guarantee that you will be permitted to hire. Students are only allowed to begin work if the request is approved and an official letter is sent from the Office of Human Resources.
    • Credits per semester are required to be identified in the request. These credits are not transferable from one semester to another so please keep in mind that when communicating with your student on their registration. See Position Description on the right of this article..
      • Note: A job description is required for these position types. 
  2. If approved, HR will send a letter stating the terms of the assistantship. It is imperative that the student not begin until this letter is received. The supervisor will be copied on the letter.
  3. If the student has never worked for SJU before, onboarding is sent to them electronically to be completed via Workday no later than their start date listed in the letter.
    • Note: onboarding includes Section 1&2 of the I-9 form. See the "I-9 Form for New Employees" article linked on the right side of this page for more information.


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