Hiring Students via Grant or Gift Funding


1. The 033 Form (attached on the right of this screen) must be completed before hiring a student via Grant or Gift funding in Workday. You will see text directing you to upload the 033 Form in the second screen of the hiring process. Do not upload the form on any other screen in Workday. If completing for multiple students, you may attach a list, but you must still upload the form with each hire into the Workday system.

2. In compliance with Federal Law, no student may work before completing Section 1 & 2 of the I-9 Form, which is included in the
onboarding process. Section 2 requires the student to present original identification document(s) in person to the Human Resources
Office. No exceptions.

3. Onboarding will be launched for New Hires (never held a position at SJU) to complete in Workday.

4. Please check online time cards for accuracy before approving. Note: Students must check in/out via Workday for each shift in real time.

5. Students on a F1 or J1 visa cannot work more than a cumulative 20 hours per week for all campus jobs including graduate

See Hiring Student Workers & Federal Work-Study Students in Workday Knowledge Base Article for more info and screen shots

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