Connecting your game console, Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc. to the wireless network - City Campus


Getting your gaming systemsstreaming devices and smart TV connected to the devices-sju wireless network. Only 5 special devices are allowed per user.  You can disable or delete access for your old special devices as you upgrade to new special devices.


Visit and login with your SJU credentials (This link will only work on City Campus)

  • Your SJU username (without the and your password

Select “Create Device”

Fill out the form as specified

  • A MAC address is required.  It is a unique 48-bit hexadecimal number and is 12 characters long.  00:0a:95:9d:68:16 is an example of a MAC address.  All Ethernet and WiFi devices have a MAC.  Please check with the device manufacturer or include documentation on where to find the MAC.
  • Give the device a descriptive name such as “John Doe’s Roku” or “Jane Doe’s Echo”
  • Add any notes as appropriate
  • Accept the terms of use

Select “Create”

You will be presented with a “New Device Receipt” 

Now you may connect your special device to the hidden "devices-sju" SSID

Note that "devices-sju" must be entered all lowercase

Capitalization matters to ensure a connection.

** Do not connect to the guest network



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