Canceling a Student Hire in Workday

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If you hire a student incorrectly (such as hiring a student employee instead of a Federal Work-Study student), you are able to cancel the hire process while it is still in progress.

Once the student has been fully hired in Workday, you must end the student's position and any time worked must be paid to the student. If you hired the student to the incorrect category (such as a student employee instead of Federal Work-Study or grant funding), they will need to be re-hired into the correct category, and no funds may be transferred or re-allocated, and any funds these students earn will be charged to your departmental operating budget.

Hiring instructions, including how to hire student workers under a grant, can be found in the "Related Articles" section.

Canceling a Hire

  1. In your inbox, click on the Archive tab:
  2. Find the "Hire: [Student Name]" or "Start Additional Job: [Student Name]" item and click on it to view the full event.
    • Workday Tip: you can see any process from the last 30 days in your Inbox archive, and each item is labelled with the event's progress, so you can see if something is "In Process" (and if so, with whom), "Successfully Completed", or anything else.
  3. Inside that item, click on the 3 dots next to the title:
    • Screenshot of "View Event" for a Hire in Workday with a circle on the three dots / Related Actions button and an arrow to the "Overall Status", with a reminder that the status must be "In Progress"
  4. Hover over "Business Process" and click on "Cancel"
    • Screenshot of the Related Actions with an arrow pointing at the "Business Process" option and a circle over "Cancel"
  5. Review the information and add a comment as to why you are canceling the process
  6. Click "Submit"


If you have any questions, please submit a ticket here.

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