Paid Time Off - June 2023 Update

Paid Time Off Policy

Please review the information below for information regarding the time off benefits for staff (non-union) employees and 12-month faculty. 9-month faculty time off is governed by the Faculty Handbook and the academic calendar; please refer to that document for full information. Union members are governed by their collective bargaining agreements.

All paid time off is loaded into your Workday account as of June 1 (the beginning of the fiscal year) and is available for use upon the completion of the 90 day probationary period.

Staff Employees (Exempt & Non-exempt) & 12-month Faculty

Vacation Time

The University's vacation time is front-loaded on June 1 of each year based on your date of hire (July 1 for 12-month faculty). Vacation time is available subject to supervisor approval of the requested dates. 


Year Vacation Days Sick Days Floating Holidays
First (Partial) Year Prorated; 1.25 days/month Prorated; 1 day/month 1 day
June 1 - First Full Year 15 days 12 days 2 days
June 1 - Years 2-14 20 days 12 days 2 days
June 1 - Year 15+ 25 days 12 days 2 days

Days in the above table are viewed in hours in Workday. All full-time 12-month employees are granted 7 hours per day (15 days = 105 hours). 

Employees working at least 20 hours per week but fewer than 35 hours per week will have the above days prorated based on their regular weekly scheduled hours (those working 25 hours/week receive 5 hours per “day” above; 15 days = 75 hours).

First Year Eligibility 

Employees are granted 1.25  vacation days per month worked in their first year. You are able to view and take your vacation time in Workday upon completion of the 90 day probation period.


Staff/administrative employees and 12 month faculty can roll over up to 5 vacation days to the following fiscal year automatically in Workday. Rollover days must be used by December 31st of the same calendar year and rollover days are not considered for payout in the event of separation from employment. 

Separation from Employment

Upon termination of employment, if the employee's length of service was at least one year, the employee will be paid a prorated amount of their accrued, unused vacation balance. Negative vacation balances are subject to a final pay deduction of earnings. 

Those employees who did not complete one full year of employment prior to separation are not eligible for vacation payout. 

Sick Time

All employees who work 20 hours per week or more are eligible for 12 paid sick days per year of continuous service beginning on June 1st following your hire date. Sick time is prorated based on your regularly scheduled hours per week.

During your first partial year of employment, you are eligible for one sick day per month beginning on the first of the month following your hire date, viewable after the completion of your 90-day introductory period (also prorated based on your scheduled hours per week).

The University does not pay employees for accrued, unused sick time upon separation from employment for any reason. If a person is rehired within one year of separation (i.e. exactly one calendar year from the employee's last day of work to the employee's new start date), other than for cause, sick leave will be restored to the amount of the employee's sick leave balance at the time of separation.


Employees who have accrued time remaining at the end of the fiscal year may carry over the accrued and unused time to the next calendar year, up to a maximum of 90 days (based on your regularly scheduled hours per week). The University does not offer pay in lieu of actual sick time.

Floating Holidays

All employees are eligible for one floating holiday in their first partial year of employment. The June 1 after your hire date and thereafter, you will receive 2 floating holidays.

Part-Time Employees (Less than 20 hours/week)

If you are a part-time, non-exempt employee who works less than 20 hours per week (average), your sick time will be regulated by the Philadelphia Paid Sick Time Law. We will administer this for all campuses. These sick days can only be used on scheduled days of work and will be paid based on the number of hours you were scheduled to work. 

Philadelphia Paid Sick Time Law

The Philadelphia Paid Sick Time law requires that all Philadelphia employers with 10 or more employees provide paid sick leave to any employee who works at least 40 hours in a calendar year. Based on this law, covered employees are eligible for one hour of paid sick time for every 40 hours worked in Philadelphia, up to a maximum of 40 sick hours in a calendar year. Such paid sick time may be used after an employee has worked a minimum of 90 days. Paid sick time can be used for the employee’s own health needs, to care for a family member or for leave due to domestic abuse or sexual assault. If an employer refuses to provide paid sick time or retaliates against employees for using paid sick time, the employee can make a formal complaint to the City of Philadelphia’s Sick Leave Agency after September 2015.

If you have any questions about your paid time off benefits, or believe what you see in Workday is incorrect, please reach out to the Payroll Team at

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