Connecting to HawkGuest - Hawk Hill Campus


The HawkGuest Network is provided for the convenience of visitors and guests. This network offers basic web browsing and is limited to specific services which are publicly available. 


  • HawkGuest is outside of the campus network. It does not provide any access to university services which require a campus connection.
  • Guest users will be required to authenticate by providing their email or phone number after 24 hours of continuous use.
  • Rate limited to 10mb download and 10mb upload.

How to Connect

1. Connect to the HawkGuest wireless network


2. A welcome page should pop-up.

3. Click start.


4. Click "Generate new code" if a new verification code is needed. Click "Already have a code" if you already have a verification code.


5. Select send to email or send text message depending on how you would like to receive your verification code.

6. Type in your email or phone number.

7. Complete the CAPTCHA and click send.


8. Type in the verification code that you received from the email or text message that was sent to you.

9. Complete the CAPTCHA and click continue.


10. You will be directed to this page to confirm that your enrollment is complete


11. Make sure you see the Wi-Fi icon displayed in the system tray to verify that your now on the HawkGuest Wi-Fi network.



If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610.660.2920.

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