Laptop Requests - Lancaster

Laptop Requests for Lancaster Location

SJU Lancaster has made a substantial capital investment over a number of years to deploy a virtual computing environment for this community. In this environment, anyone with the proper credentials can use a “thin client” device to securely authenticate and access a virtual desktop system configured with all the applications to which they are entitled. In addition, a virtual client software tool can be installed on any individually owned laptop, desktop or tablet device to allow secure connections from any location to an individual’s personalized virtual desktop.  It is reasonable to expect that in the coming years, SJU will make strides toward deploying a similar virtual computing environment to address specific use cases at our Philadelphia location.

Last fall, SJU’s Computer Replacement Policy was updated to acknowledge this virtual computing environment. The revised policy was presented to and approved by the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC).  There has been no augmentation to the central computer replacement budget to accommodate purchases for the new employees who have joined SJU from the Lancaster location.

An additional but important consideration about device selection at SJU Lancaster is the significant difference between the technology infrastructures at Lancaster and Philadelphia.  The Lancaster environment is not designed to work with the typical SJU desktop or laptop computer image deployed at Hawk Hill and University City.  Attempting to fast track support for a typical SJU computer at Lancaster will not only undermine the investment made in systems and support at Lancaster, but will also lead to user confusion, an increase in technical problems, and an overall reduction in the quality of services delivered to that location. There may be a point in the future where we will be able to support a single computing environment for both locations, but presently, the Office of Information Technology does not have the technical and support resources to accomplish this.


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