Vendor-Provided Computer Support

"Vendor-Provided" computers are defined as computers provided by and pre-configured by 3rd-party companies, typically to host scientific instruments in research labs.

Service Level Agreement

OIT offers only limited support for computers provided by a 3rd party:

  • OIT may offer basic troubleshooting on computer hardware.
    • OIT will not troubleshoot any instruments hosted by the computer.
    • It will be the faculty's responsibility to work with the vendor if OIT determines the computer has a hardware failure.
  • OIT does not offer any support for any instrumentation software included on the computer.
    • It will be the faculty's responsibility to work with the vendor to troubleshoot any proprietary software related issues.
  • OIT may offer troubleshooting on basic operating system functionality.
    • OIT may attempt to reinstall the operating system if recommended by the vendor, but the vendor would be responsible for reinstalling proprietary software.
  • Without an SJU operating system image, OIT will not bind the computer to SJU's active directory environment, meaning OIT would not manage:
    • User profiles and logins
    • Administrator credentials
    • Operating system security updates
  • The computer must still comply with SJU's information security policies requiring security updates to be installed on a regular basis.
    • If the operating system has reached its end-of-life state, it must either be updated to a version of Windows or macOS that is still supported by Microsoft and Apple respectively, or be taken off of the campus network.

Support Requests

You may request support for vendor-provided workstations by filling out the Lab Hardware or Software Support form in the Service Catalog.


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