Before Creating a Job Req: Finding & Unfreezing Positions


As soon as a position is vacated in Workday, it is automatically frozen, so before you can create a job requisition, you must first un-freeze the position in Workday. All hiring managers & recruiting coordinators are able to complete this action.

Positions are linked to budget lines, so unless the position you are hiring for is truly brand new, you should NOT "Create a New Position" on the job requisition. If you have questions about whether your position is truly new or should be filled from a current Workday position, please reach out to

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Unfreezing a Position

  1. Go to your Recruiting Dashboard from the main menu:
    • Screenshot of app menu to see Recruiting Dashboard
  2. On the right side of the dashboard, under "Reports", click on "SJU Open and Frozen Positions"
    • Screenshot of Actions and Reports menu in the Recruiting Dashboard
  3. This report shows you ALL open and frozen positions from supervisory organizations you have access to (department and division heads will see MANY positions listed here, as they have access to view all of their cascading teams).
    • Open positions: You can create a job requisition for this position immediately
    • Frozen positions: You must un-freeze the position before it is available to create a job requisition
  4. To unfreeze a position, hover over the correct position and click on the three dots
    • Screenshot of SJU Open and Frozen Positions report
  5. Go to "Position Restrictions", then click on "Manage Position Freeze":
    • Screenshot of Position Restrictions and Manage Freeze task
  6. On the next screen, click the "Unfreeze" reason, then "Submitting a Job Requisition", choose today's date, and make sure to un-check the "Frozen" box so that the full screen looks like this:
    • Screenshot of Manage Position Freeze task
  7. Click "Submit" to finish the process. Now you are able to move forward with creating a job requisition.



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