Faculty Hiring: Adjunct Faculty Hiring

Department Chair Roles

All department chairs have been assigned the role of Recruiting Coordinator, meaning you can create a job requisition. You MUST assign someone as the Primary Recruiter in order to manage the job process (this can be assigned to yourself), since Deans are the "hiring manager" for all full-time faculty positions. Managing the job process means moving candidates to different stages (such as phone screens, interviews, and reference letters if required), as well as uploading screening and interviewing notes, confirming interview schedules, etc. 

Search Committee members in Workday can also be assigned on a job requisition. These people should only be the true search committee - those assisting with reviewing candidates at each stage. Anyone who is going to participate in the interview process will be able to be added and scheduled at that particular time and does not need to be named as a member of the search committee.

See more information about recruiting roles and search committee member access in the "Related Articles" section.

Adjunct Faculty Hiring

For all adjunct faculty job requisitions, the Department Chair (as a Recruiting Coordinator) can create the job requisition. All adjunct faculty positions should be created in the "Saint Joseph's University Approved Adjunct" supervisory organization, regardless of who creates the job requisition. The "Create Job Requisition" task will auto-populate your own name if a supervisory organization exists, but you must change it to reflect the appropriate supervisory org:

Screenshot of create job req with Adjunct sup org listed

Since adjunct positions are pooled, there is no need to "Create [a] New Position" or hire "For [an] Existing Position" as you will see in other screenshots. Simply click "Next" to get started.

Other important notes for the job requisition:

  • No compensation will be required throughout the adjunct requisition or hire process, as that is determined by the annual adjunct rate table and is standard for all new adjunct faculty.
  • For the "Justification" and "Position Funding Source", please just specify that this is an adjunct pool position.
  • Scheduled Weekly Hours should = 0 (zero) - adjunct faculty are assigned courses individually in Workday after they are hired, and each course will carry its appropriate hours.


Hiring and Course Appointments

Adjunct faculty will receive an appointment letter for each course at the beginning of the semester in which they are teaching, and do not need to be re-hired from semester to semester. They will remain active employees unless specifically terminated. The Office of Human Resources runs annual reports on inactive adjunct faculty each summer and will share those with department heads to review. Adjunct faculty who have not taught within the past 2 years will be recommended for termination from the system and would need to reapply should they desire to return to the University.


Annual Adjunct Posting Removals

Adjunct pools and job requisitions are opened each year as needed and are closed each year at the end of May, corresponding to the end of the fiscal and reporting year. New adjunct job postings must be created each June to replace the old job postings, and candidate pools are cleared at this time as well. Any candidates who are still active receive an email notification that they should reapply if they are still interested. This annual process allows us to not only manage positions and reporting responsibly, but also ensures that candidates are truly active and still interested in those particular positions.

You will receive notification from the HR team each May regarding this process and when to expect jobs to be closed for that year, and training will be offered each June to assist department chairs with re-posting these pools. Please review the University Events calendar for specific dates and registration opportunities.

Clinical Practitioner Educators

Similar to adjunct postings above, Clinical Practitioner Educators will also have their own supervisory org. Please check back for screenshots soon!

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