Staff Performance: Manager Evaluations in Workday


Once an employee has completed their self evaluation, it will then go to their supervisor’s Workday inbox so they can complete their Manager Evaluation. The Manager Evaluation has the employee’s evaluations in it so that all ratings and comments can be reviewed.

If you would like to discuss your performance evaluation or any concerns you may have, or you would like to discuss best practices for having improvement conversations, please reach out to Regina Roth ( or James Duffy ( Any overall rating by a manager of "Improvement Needed" or "Unsatisfactory" will go to the HR team to review prior to the final step in the review process.

Sections & Next Steps

  1. Section 1: Performance Dimensions & Traits
    • For each competency, you must select a proficiency rating and provide a comment
    • Once you have completed your review of each competency, click "Next"
  2. Section 2: Accomplishments
    • Supervisors can comment on accomplishments that the employee entered or add accomplishments
    • Once you've provided any comments or new accomplishments, click "Next"
  3. Section 3: Goals
    • You can comment on goals the employee entered or add goals on the employee's behalf
    • Once your comments are finished, click "Next"
  4. Section 4: Overall Rating
    • The final step is to complete the overall rating. Your rating should take into consideration the entire past year. In the comments section explain how you determined your overall rating. When you have completed this section, press “Next”.
  5. Section 5: Review & Submit
    • Once you have reviewed the information that has been entered and ensured it is accurate, press “Submit”.
    • If an employee’s overall rating is Improvement Needed or Unsatisfactory, the Manager Evaluation will go to the HR team to review. If they approve the review, it will then go back to the supervisor to then review with the employee. If adjustments need to be made, the review will be sent back with comments of updates that need to be made. 
  6. Next: Discuss the performance evaluation with the employee
    • After the Manager Evaluation is completed, the next step is to meet with the employee and review the self evaluation and performance review together. 
    • You will receive a task in your Workday inbox to Discuss the Performance Review with your Employee. Do not press the submit button until you are meeting with your employee and can review the information together.​​​​​​​
      • ​​​​​​​Screenshot of the Manager task to have the performance conversation with the employee​​​​​​​


Find more information about the self-evaluation and other items on the "Related Articles" list. If you have any questions, please log a ticket here or reach out to

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