How do I obtain my enrollment verification as a current student?

Enrollment Verification - Current Students

You can access your enrollment verification certificate 24/7 through the Nest.

1. Log into the Nest 

2. Select the Students link on the top right of the page



3. Under Classes and Registration, navigate to the Registration Resources section and click on Obtain Enrollment Verification. 

4. Select the verification that you are seeking

  • Current Enrollment: Displays enrollment for the current active semester
  • All Enrollment: Displays all current and historical enrollment
  • Advanced Registration: Displays enrollment for an upcoming semester and is only available until the first day of that semester

5. Click on the Obtain an Enrollment Certificate link

6. Your enrollment certificate will download as a PDF document. You may now print or save the certificate for your use and you may provide it directly to a third party to verify your enrollment.

Please note: SJU does not officially verify any student until after the add/drop period of each semester.

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