How do I apply to Graduate?

All students must complete the online application to initiate the graduation review process. You must apply to graduate even if you do not plan on attending the Commencement ceremony. Please apply to graduate for the fall term if you anticipate satisfying your graduation requirements with intersession course work.

Application Deadlines (effective April 2 2024):

  • Fall Graduates: December 1
  • Spring  Graduates and forward: January 15

Summer Graduates: August 1 (if you plan to attend Commencement in May because you have less then 6 credits to finish you must apply by March 15)

Please note, only the primary major will be awarded for undergraduate programs, but the secondary major will be listed on the transcript.

1. Please fill out and submit the application for graduation by logging into The Nest:

  • Select the Students link in the top right corner of the page
  • Under the Graduation & Commencement section, select Apply to Graduate


2. In the screen below, you need to select and confirm your curriculum information, including major, for your graduation application. If the information is not correct, please do not continue with your application; visit our Service Catalog to see how to make any changes.


3. From the drop down list, select a date for your expected graduation. This would be when you anticipate satisfying your degree requirements.  If you will complete your degree requirements during the summer semester and have been given permission to "walk" in May's commencement ceremony, please select September as your Graduation Date.  If applicable, please indicate if you plan on attending the Commencement ceremony in May.

4. From the drop down list, select your current name or enter a new name exactly how you would like it to appear on your diploma. Your first and last names are not able to be edited here, but you can indicate if you want your middle name or suffix (IV, etc.) to appear differently on your diploma.

5. From the drop down list, select the mailing address for your diploma or select New to add a new mailing address. This will not change your permanent address on file; this will only be used for mailing your diploma. Please take into consideration that your diploma is mailed 4-6 weeks after your degree is awarded and the window for address changes will close one week prior to the graduation date.

6. Carefully review the Graduation Application Summary page.  Click Back to make any edits or select Submit Request to complete your application. Once completed, you may review your application at any time by selecting View Graduation Application in the Nest (under the Apply to Graduate link). Please note, degrees will be awarded on the conferral date and once awarded, you can check the status on your Student Profile under the Graduation Information section.

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