How do I Add or Drop a Course?


Students may add and/or drop courses through the end of the add/drop period, which typically extends through the first week of class (see the Academic Calendar or Academic Withdrawal and Tuition Refund schedule  for the official date). Schedule changes made during this period will not appear on a student’s transcript.

First-year students undergraduate day students:

You will register for your first semester at Orientation; your advising centers will work with you to create your fall schedule if you are unable to attend orientation.

Registration at orientation does not require a PIN. A PIN will be assigned for when you attempt to make adjustments to your fall schedule during add/drop. You must meet with your faculty advisor to discuss proposed changes and obtain your PIN.

All other students who have registered for classes on-line:

Log onto The Nest to add/drop classes after discussing changes with your academic advisor, advising center, or program director. Appropriate undergraduate day students will require a PIN for registration. Please note that your PIN does not change for the Add/Drop period. You may continue to use the original registration PIN for a given semester.

  • Log into The Nest
    • Go to the Classes & Registration Page
    • Under Registration Tools
    • Select Add/Drop Classes
    • Select the term for which you would like to Add or Drop a class
    • Select the action you wish to take
      • Select Drop Course if you want to drop an existing class on your schedule
        • Then click on Submit Changes

  • Click on Class Search if you want to search for classes to add

  • Select the subject for the course you want to search. Click on Course Search
  • Click on View Sections for the appropriate course

  • Click on the check box for the section you want to add. Click on Register (NOTE: Clicking on Add to WorkSheet does not actually register you for the class. It only puts the class in a holding area. You must click on "Register" to add the class to your schedule)

  • Appropriate undergraduate day students will need to enter their registration PIN at this point
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