How do I Register for Classes?

Log into the Nest 

Select the Students link on the top right of the page

Under Classes and Registration, navigate to the Registration Resources section and click on Self-Service Course Registration 

Click on Register for Classes

Enter CRNs and Add to Summary

Submit Registered Classes

  • Review the course information for the CRNs your entered
  • If all is correct, click “Submit” to finalize class Registration

Registered Status

  • If you are successful, you will see a highlighted “Registered” message

Registration Information Page

  • After successful registration, you can now access your multi-view Registration Information Page
  • Using the view controls, at the center of the screen, you can access your Student Schedule by day and time or your Schedule Details

Student Schedule by Day and Time

Schedule Details

  • The Schedule Details Page gives you all the information you need to know for each specific class: CRN Number, Class Section, Class day and time, Class Location, and Instructor

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