How do I search for courses?

Search for Courses 

Click here to watch a video explaining the course schedule or follow the step by step instructions below to search for courses.

1. Log into the Nest and select Students on the top right corner of the page.

2. Under the Registration Resources section, select Self-Service Course Registration.

3. Click on Browse Classes to look up classes

4. Select a Term - use the drop-down box to select a term to search for courses 

Basic Search for Courses 

1. Enter Your Search Criteria 

  • Select a Subject 
  • Enter a course number if applicable
    • Example: If searching for ENG 101, select English in the Subject field and type "101 into the Course Number Box
  • Click on Search 

2. Search Results

  • The courses available for what you searched will be listed, along with other important information about the course, such as the instructor, meeting time, attributes, etc. 
  • For further details on a specific section, click the course title link 


3. Look at key details about the course 

  • It is essential to note important information about each course
  • The CRN is an important number - it is needed for registration


Advanced Search 

Use the Advanced Search feature when searching a category of courses

1. Click Advanced Search link


2. Fill out the specific categories you want to search for and select search 


Example: Advanced Search for Attributes

  • Search all subjects for first year seminars offered in fall.
  • Subject field = blank to include all
  • Attribute field = First Year Seminar class
  • Click “Search”



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